Karland's History of The World - Book 1 The Primordial Beginning

“In the Beginning there was the void, and from it, like a great tumor on the consciousness of the universe, there came foul creatures beyond the ken or imagination of [men]. Aeons passed and existence was only chaos and turmoil. But, lo, through this chaos the Gods were born of the First Flame. And so came the ushering of Order. The flourishing of the Light and Dark drove back the Chaos. And the Gods established order.”

This is, ostensibly, the creation myth perpetrated by existing religions to help us understand the origins of the great multitude that exist upon our world. The texts and traditions of all major religions begin at this point. The dichotomy between great turmoil in the so called “chaos” of the first several millenia of existence and the birth of The Pantheon. What might have transpired prior to this is unkown. Time, existence and chaos are relative. Creation is a point of chaos, and from it generation upon generation of “hideous creatures beyond mortal ken” came into existence until the established Pantheon was born.

From there the texts begin to differentiate based upon which deity is worshipped. There are some similarities in their story-lines which I will analyze and structure:

The First Flame created the dichotomy of order and time. Darkness and Light cannot exist without each other and thus “good” and “evil” deities are born in an eternal struggle of balance and power. To this end the Pantheon creates the first mortal races: the Haeliff by the powers of light and the Morgh by darkness.

Without any conclusive evidence as to the creation of other races or flora, this is to serve as the basis for modern scientific history. Two races pitted against each other as pawns of a greater religious conflict. We cannot comment with any certainty as to the truth of these claims. What we do is that these two races were the first to from organized societies and civilizations to economically prop an existing conflict.

The relief sculptures, primarily the intact ones that exist in the ruins of the ancient Haeliff city of Aerenal, suggest a strong belief that the Gods had a hand in their early civilizations and attribute all their success and knowledge to these deities. Magic, also, is portrayed as a gift bestowed upon them by their Gods. And it is with fervent worship that they thank their pantheon with the eldritch gifts given to them.

Karland's History of The World - Book 1 The Primordial Beginning

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