On Magic By Taerlynn Malakath

The Origins of Magic

Magic has it beginnings deeply entrenched within the traditions of myth and legend. Since it has been some 400 years since the last great appearance of the majesty and power of magic , and the Acadamy of Mages has been reduced to mere academic study of the three remaining schools, and the theory of the greater existence of the eldritch arts. It is important that we focus on our traditions as Mages.

Ten million years ago the Gods arrived with the First Flame, and with their servants the Titans, they banished the horrors of the past age to the Void. When their work was complete they retired to their respective realms to compete for the rule of the Earth. They passed the communion of their Titans on to their mortal creations and watched to see if Order would be maintained as Light and Shadow battled for dominion.

The rituals of communion is what constitutes our knowledge of spells, incantations, and enchantments. Indeed, the great study of these early magics is what caused the Haeliff Bronze Empire to rise from obscurity and conquer vast swathes of land and tribes of Humans and Morgh.

On Magic By Taerlynn Malakath

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