Barnaby Jones

Former agent fed up with the Order



Former agent photographer and case worker now off on his own against the Order


Resists causing death


Has passing familiarity with local gangs/thugs on account of former position


Carries camera


Careful – 2
Clever – 3
Flashy – 1
Forceful – 0
Quick – 2
Sneaky – 1


Due to years studying casework, I get +2 when cleverly figuring out puzzles.

Similarly, because of my on-site work, once per session I can find a clue that points the group in the right direction.


I chose the name of this character before finding out that “Barnaby Jones” was an old detective show in 1973! Or maybe I had heard of that name and it was associated with detectiving at a young age but sat in my subconscious for years and years!


The box was smaller than I had expected, but it tells as much of the story as I ever could. Everything I had fit loosely into that small box. I never brought anything into the precinct I cared about. No photos, momentos. My desk was for work only, as it soon became apparent that something didn’t add up in the agency.

A man’s gotta eat, so it was hard to leave, but case after case I documented negligence and brutality through my lens and my pen. Photos and reports I would file that would ultimately disappear, the leering eyes from the other agents who knew I knew. It all slowly chipped away at an exterior I thought was hardened. I’ll never be like them.

In the end, everything fit in that box, the items inside rolling around noisily as my former colleagues made small talk and feigned sadness as I walked. I could feel the relieved murmuring bubble from behind corners, but little did they realize all of this only emboldened me.

I DO know too much, and it will be their downfall.

Barnaby Jones

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