Sir Pannen Silentall IV

Thief turned inventor.


Clever +3
Careful +2
Sneaky +2
Quick +1
Flashy +1
Forceful +0

- Key Devices; magnifying goggles, master lock pick, listening devices, dual pistols, (he’s trained but never had to use them), hidden blade.
- 4’6", slim build, slight pudge.
- Ability to change personalities in an instant.
- Skilled in the softer arts as well, able to forge/alter multiple identities for himself (and others for a price!)


Former thief turned inventor after a botched job left me with a slight limp. This lead to me rigging up a prosthetic to aid me

War is coming. Anyone with half a brain can sense it. And is doing his damnedest to avoid it. Previous run ins with The Order lead me to believe that they are trying to recruit me for their Intelligence branch. But I want nothing to do with that.

Anonymity has been the key to my survivial. I have several devices and ruses to disguise myself in multiple ways along with different dead drops and contacts. Different personalities has led to a socialness about me, I’m known in several bars, but as different people

I came to the city after seeing tech for the first time as a young boy. I was fascinated, I wanted to learn all I could. Every year, our people send out the young to learn from the rest of the world and bring home the knowledge they’ve aquired to adapt to our techless village. And every year few don’t return. I fell in love with the city forsook my heritage to live with the machines and tech. I miss family sometimes but I knows I can’t go back.

I keep a modest lifestyle so as not to attract attention. But I do enjoy the finer things when I can. And I can always run when I need to.

Sir Pannen Silentall IV

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