Ziggy Edhelwen naksh-i-Dil Abaratun Tanvir Hasekil han Maermud

Ride, Drive, or Fly - Ziggy's Your Getaway Man


Flashy +3
Quick and Clever +2
Forceful and Sneaky +1
Careful +0


You’re gonna ask, so let’s get this out of the way. Just like all the rest of the haeliff, Ziggy’s got a lot of names. A name for ma, a name for pa, a name for home, a name for their wayback-when home, a name for the god they worship most, a name for his famous grandmama, a name given to him when he came squalling into this world – no name given to him on his nameday, though. Left the rez long before that. That’s why he chose one for himself. Seemed only right. Just some things you gotta take with you.

You need somebody to ride a horse drive a velocipede fly an airship like a madman and ask no questions? Ziggy’s your guy. Can’t say there won’t be chatter, or bitchin’, or moanin’ – but he won’t ask questions. Learned well enough on that.

And if the job involves inconveniencing The Order, well… you may just get a discount.

Ziggy Edhelwen naksh-i-Dil Abaratun Tanvir Hasekil han Maermud

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