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This Library will serve as a resource to both research and understand the history, culture and political climate of the modern landscape.

You will find detailed explanations of various technologies, compendiums of bestiaries, geological resources and in depth histories and myths of the various cultures you will encounter.


Karland’s History of The World – Book 1 The Primordial Beginning

Karland’s History of The World – Book 2 The Haeliff Empire

Karland’s History of The World – Book 3 Collapse of The Bronze Empire

Karland’s History of The World – Book 4 Loss of Light and The Age of Darkness

Demeter’s Modern History – The Empire of Nykus

Demeter’s Modern History – The 17 Tarquinian Kings

Demeter’s Modern History – The Age of Faith and Sorcery

Demeter’s Modern History – Colonialism and Empire

Demeter’s Modern History – The Wars of Unification

Demeter’s Modern HIstory – The United Imperial Republic

Demeter’s Modern History – The Great Secession and War of Federation


Book of The First Flame

The Sovereign Host

The Light Above

The Darkness Below

The Founding of The Faith

The Book of The Redeemer


Klemmik’s Folklore

On Magic By Taerlynn Malakath

Heroes of History


Baylor’s Guide to Minerals and Resources


On Steam By Korin Taientia

The Modern Combustion Engine By Corenlius Fizzlebottom

Airships and Flight By Daedylus Longmont

The Locomotive and Taming of the Great West By Harkun Taumtauk


Jenji Visits – The 17 Tarquinian Kingdoms of Khorvaire

Jenji Visits – The Colonies of Doran

Jenji Visits – The Southern Jungles of Andyloss

Jenji Visits – The Great Desert

Jenji Visits – The Islands of Khitai


Journal of Imperial Medicine

Tormund’s Compendium of Modern Firearms

Tormund’s Compendium of Modern Firearms – Chapter 2 Rifles

The Technologian

The Graff

Discerning Aristocrat

Airship, Automated Velocipede and Automobile

Shaw’s List of Classifieds and Wanted Occupations

Jack and Ruby

The Misadventures of Professor Slate

Uncanny Tales!

Dwellers in The Mirage

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