The Founding of The Faith

The Humble Beginnings

Herein Lies the Tales set forth by the holy monk Abelard at the beginnings of the Faith

Arthur has instructed me to keep a record of all of our doings here. i shall do my best to keep track of what goes on, though for how long this may last I do not know.

Day 1
Our time is a dark one. The people have nothing to look forward to and it is our duty to bring hope to our people. Arthur and Sargan have spent many nights wandering the vast mountain ranges that surround the small village seeking hope from somewhere. Most nights I do not think even they know what they are seeking. We are plagued with the wars and slaves of the Morgh. I hope that soon that the darkness that veils this land will be lifted.

Day 2
Arthur is enamored. He tells Sargon and I to come to this small valley. He has seen the light of the First Flame. I know not of what he speaks, but I am curious to know. Sargon expresses skepticism. We go the valley and there we see it. Burning alone a great Silver Flame. It speaks to us in a voice commanding and terrible. We fall to the ground covering our ears, but the voice speaks still, loud and echoing through our heads.

The Founding of The Faith

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